Brenna Tyler Kimbro

Brenna Tyler was born in Seoul, Korea in 1979. At 18 months old, she was adopted by a family who lives on a working cattle ranch in Northeast Oregon. Brenna has been making art since she first held a crayon. Her parents kept much of her art and she enjoys reflecting on the horses she created when she was four years old. Her connection with horses is innate. Horses have always held an important and noble role in relation to the ranch and her family. 

Her experience with horses comes from participating in polo, rodeo, hunt seat, western riding, drill team, dressage, and professionally schooling, boarding, breeding, and selling horses. She has also been a riding instructor and worked as a vet assistant for horse racing. Brenna loves sharing her passions with others through art and is a full time artist, horsewoman, and mother.

Brenna is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for her original paintings, unique one of a kind sculptures, and bronzes. She received a Bachelor of Science in Art in 2004 after studying at the University of Oregon and Eastern Oregon University. Her admiration and respect for horses has been expressed through various mediums such as poetry, drawing, serigraphy, lithography, metal working, wood, and clay. Her imagination is unlimited and she loves experimenting, exploring, and developing new artistic methods with different materials. Over 150 Brenna Tyler bronzes and hundreds of her original sculptures and paintings have been collected across the country and around the world. Spreading positive energy through her art, Brenna has gained an international reputation for “bringing canvas and sculpture to life with expressive lines that create and imply beautiful movement.” 

Various galleries show Brenna's artwork and her art has become valued additions to collections around the world. In relation to her horses and art Brenna expressed, "Horses have always been a huge part of my life. They are part of my family. Horses have taught me about will, virtue, honesty, trust, integrity and self acceptance. I cherish them and still have so much to learn from them. I love portraying animals in art and I am so grateful to have horses in my life everyday. I am inspired to create when my art brings others joy.”