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John Lewton

John Lewton is an extremely talented self-taught sculptor who is known for his ability to place movement in the pieces that he sculpts. In John's younger adult years he resided in Alaska for quite some time. This is where he was able to completely immerse himself, and with that, educate himself on the sheep and goats of which he is so very fond. He observed their movements, as well as their anatomy, and it was a great benefit to his work. 

John has traveled extensively, all over the world, to the most remote places. This is how he was able to get the inspiration for the sculptures he creates. He has been to Africa and Asia. In Africa alone, John made 19 trips on the Safari. John has also made many trips to Russia. During his many travels John has been able to closely observe the native wildlife. This close observation is how he is able to capture movement in pieces for which he is very well known.

John's great love of wildlife has taken him to some wonderful places and helped him with his art. In 1985 John made Montana his home. John has been sculpting for over 20 years. In his career as a sculptor, John has only entered one piece in a competition, in 1995, for the Wild Sheep Foundation, where he was awarded the prestigious Artist of the Year Award.