Spirit - Limited Edition Canvas Giclee Print

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"Spirit" Limited Edition Canvas Giclee Print

Native Americans tie prayer flags as a physical manifestation of their prayers offered to the Spirits.

My interpretation of this painting is the horse had a rider that has passed on, and this horse is visiting his burial/prayer site. The birds are carrying prayers to the sky... And could the little ermine be the reincarnation of the horse's rider?

What does the painting "Spirit" mean to you?

*Note: I spent a lot of time building in compositional elements. See how the flags, the horse's bangs, the bowing head and dead tree all mimic each other? And the birds wings do the same but in the opposite direction. It is the same shape repeated multiple times. I love it!

Photo of Picasso, the wild mustang by WilsonAxpe Photography

This painting is now available in a Limited Edition of 95. Each print is signed and numbered by James Corwin.

Presented in a very fine giclee printing process to achieve high detail and the original appeal of oil paint. This print is ready to hang right from the packaging!

Print is gallery-wrapped canvas.

Textured is when the artist adds a clear, glossy finish to the surface of the canvas to resemble the appearance of brush strokes and further protect the canvas for longevity. Textured prints also include a second 'wet' signature by the artist.

Embellished is when the artist adds oil paint back over the textured canvas to bring out highlights and points of interest, to create a print that looks and feels just like an original painting.

The wonderful thing about limited edition prints is the opportunity to own artwork at a fraction of the original price, yet it still increases in value every year! Invest in art.

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